• New webiste!

    10 Dec 2014 | Lama-mantis | no comments

    I have a new website.

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  • Robotify Your Set Building Contest

    2 Nov 2014 | Lama-mantis in news | no comments

    LEGO made a lot of great sets. Sadly enough, most of them don’t move by themselves. Have you ever thought about using your MINDSTORMS hardware to let your favorite set move? Or have you ever made a robotic replica of it? In this contest, I challenge you to ‘robotify’ your favorite LEGO set(s) by using LEGO MINDSTORMS hardware and parts. You may also make a replica of your favorite set, such as a self-driving police car completely made of Technic pieces.

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  • MindTechnic

    26 Jul 2014 | Lama-mantis in news | 1 comment

    I and some friends made a new blog that is for LEGO MINDSTORMS and TECHNIC. It's a blog with news, MOCs and featured projects. That means that you can have your own creation on the blog!

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  • GammaBug

    24 Jul 2014 | Lama-mantis in robots | 3 comments

    Yo guests! The official MINDSTORMS Community Building Challenge (posted by EV3COMMUNITY) of this month is the MicroBot Building Challenge. It asks you to build a prototype for a small robot that can help the humanity. I wanted to make something that can help with healing diseases. So I built GammaBug, a robot that can heal tumors that can’t be removed in the ‘normal’ way. Sadly enough, there are some glitches in the MINDSTORMS Community, so I can’t upload it there. So you can read here everything about the robot.

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  • LEGO Ideas: Exo Terra

    17 May 2014 | Lama-mantis in LEGO Ideas | 1 comment

    After a long journey, a robot lands on the surface of a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. The lander unfolds its solar arrays, and two flying probes leave the lander, explore the alien planet. The two probes meet an animal with long legs. They have found alien life. That's a possible story for a mission outside our own solar system. I made a project called 'Exo Terra', that gives you everything to make your own missions. The set contains ground pieces of the planet, 2 probes, one lander and 3 alien creatures. If you support, this can become a real LEGO® product!

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  • LEGO MER - Build it yourself!

    12 Mar 2014 | Lama-mantis in other stuff | 4 comments

    Discover planet Mars with your own Mars Exploration Rover! You can build this based-on-real-model by using the building instructions. In this article, you can read about this cool LEGO robot. Enjoy!

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  • The EV3LUTION - an interview with Damon Mabe

    29 Jan 2014 | Lama-mantis in news | 3 comments

    Damon Mabe (famous with the name DamonMM2000) is 13 years old and a builder and fan of LEGO® MINDSTORMS®. He have built a lot of cool robots, and now he's gonna write a book about EV3! When this book is published, he's the youngest MINDSTORMS® author. Here a small interview about Damon and his book.

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  • Complix 33 videos

    16 Jan 2014 | Lama-mantis in news | no comments

    Hi people! I've made a new robot, an off-road vehicle. I made some videos, check them out now!

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  • Lama-mantis on YouTube

    12 Jan 2014 | Lama-mantis | 5 comments

    Hi people! You can now see a lot of videos, because I made a YouTube account. Here my first posted video.

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  • A new year, new robots!

    1 Jan 2014 | Lama-mantis in news | 1 comment

    Happy new year everybody! It's 2014! A new year, means new robots. Here an overview about some projects I want to do.

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  • Work in progres: Cleaning robot

    24 Dec 2013 | Lama-mantis in news | 1 comment

    Hi everybody! I'm hard working for a new robot, a cleaning robot. It will look like the iRobot Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner that can move around your house. I've found some videos about Roomba, and here they are.

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  • Giant Digger

    6 Dec 2013 | Lama-mantis in robots | 7 comments

    The strongest EBB robot ever made... With it's powerfull claws and tight treads, I can present you... The Giant Digger! As the name says, it is very big and it can dig. Read here all about it.

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  • EV3 Models - Now as PDF

    30 Nov 2013 | Lama-mantis in news | no comments

    EV3 is launced! With 5 cool Starterbots and 12 Bonus Models. It was possible to download the building- and programming-instructions as an EV3 Project (.ev3), but now they're also availabe as an PDF file. So you can also build EV3 robots without the new software.

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  • NXT: Save energy

    29 Nov 2013 | Lama-mantis tutorials | 2 comments

    You've built a cool robot. You've program it. But... You start it, and your NXT Brick says: 'Low Battery'. But you placed yesterday new batteries in it! Need help for saving energy? Read this article about a lot of ways to have longer fun with your NXT - with just 6 AA batteries.

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  • EV3R Shake

    17 Nov 2013 | Lama-mantis in news | 3 comments

    Do the EV3R Shake, the Harlem Shake in EV3 style! I saw this video on YouTube, and it is so cool that I wanted to share it.

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  • MINI EV3 Factory

    15 Nov 2013 | Lama-mantis | 3 comments

    You can see a lot of EV3 boxes in toy shops. Maybe you have an EV3 set, and you have also the box. But how is it possible that the EV3 parts come in the box? With a factory! I'll show you how it works, with MINI EV3 parts. The parts will be putted in a box, and you have a MINI EV3 set!

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  • Second Lego League: 3 Generations

    5 Nov 2013 | Lama-mantis in news | 8 comments

    It began in 1998 with the RCX in the Robotic Inventor's System. Later came the Robotics Inventor's System 1.5 and 2.0, and in 2006 came LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT to the world. 3 years later was NXT 2.0 published. And now, in 2013, there is LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. And it is time to celebrate 15 years of LEGO MINDSTORMS, with this new edition of the Second Lego League! What to do? Build a replica of another LEGO MINDSTORMS generation! Are you ready to build?

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  • MINI EV3 parts

    24 Oct 2013 | Lama-mantis in other stuff | 4 comments

    Every MINDSTORMS® fan wants one: an EV3 set. But, because it costs a lot, not everybody has one. What must you do when you don't have a set and if you don't have enough money? You can make replicas with an NXT set, as you know from me. But now, there is a second solution: MINI EV3! These are a small version of the electronic parts from the EV3 set. Small motors, small sensors, and also a small intelligent brick!

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  • Welcome

    23 Oct 2013 | Lama-mantis in news | 4 comments

    Welcome on my new site.

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